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Gulwatches a Swedish waterproof brand.

  GUL has a true sports heritage from the early 60´s and the surf environment in Cornwall, England.
We are still at it nearly 40 years later creating durable watches in classic and sporty designs. The are all waterproof, have sapphire or hardened mineral glass and
offer great value for money.
One of the best slogans for Gul has always been: “Born in the ocean, and shaped by the sea”

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A brand with a purpose.

We live in a fast-paced world. We juggle numerous projects both professional and personal. At GUL Watches, we believe this plays to our strengths. We create watches that work. They’re durable. Waterproof. Stylish. And above all, affordable.

Our customers focus on their lives, without worrying about their watches.

Gulwatches  a Swedish waterproof watchbrand 


Gulwatches have three lifestyle legends that are created as reflections of our brand and our watches:


“Dare to be different” 

What distinguishes you from the rest? Never hesitate to be the full version of yourself! 


“Be your own hero”

We are all unique and different from each other. Choose the way you express yourself, shine and be your own hero! 


“Bring out your inner child”

No matter your age, it´s never too late to bring out your inner child. Living life is all about enjoying yourself in a happy and playful way!

Gulwatches  a Swedish waterproof watchbrand