Yes, for watches it is. For other product categories; wetsuits etc, it is still a UK brand.

GUL is a genuine sports brand. Our 10ATM (100m, 10bar, 330feet) specification means that you can swim, snorkel dive, do watersports, shower etc while wearing your GUL. If you want to do scuba diving, howerer, the watch must be marked 20ATM (200m, 20bar, 660feet). The crown and push buttons should not be manipulated when the watch is immersed. Rinse the watch and strap in fresh water after salt water use.

2-3 years. We strongly recommend that battery change is made by professional shops. It is a good idea to pressure test watches that are extensively used for water sports.

Only if the watch has somehow been damaged.

We do not know, we have only been supplying watches for just under 40 years.

 We know of many GUL watches that are still ticking away happily that have had 8-10 battery changes.

Miyota is a company in the Citizen Group. It is probably the biggest manufacturer of quartz movements in the world.

Less than one second per day under normal use.

It is a specially treated glass that has much better scratch resistance than normal mineral or acrylic  (”plastic”)  glass. After sapphire it is the second most resistant material available to us for watch crystals. Sapphire, which GUL uses for many models, is extremely hard – 8-9 on the Mohs scale. For comparison, diamond, the hardest material, has 10.

For cases, case backs and bracelets only the best quality stainless steel is used. Plating, when used, is by the ION technology. Straps are in Silicon, PU, polyester (for velcro and Nato straps), waterproof elk or calf leather.

Yes, GUL has for all models a wide range of straps in different materials and colours. Most are easily exchanged, but some stainless bracelets are a bit tricky so changes are best handled by professionals.

All materials used have been extensively tested and fulfill all relevant regulations, including the EU Nickel Directive. Our Silicon and PU straps do not contain any phthalates. Allergic reactions to GUL watches are exceedingly rare, in fact we have only heard of a few cases in more than 35 years and among 2 million sold watches. Our famous Micro watches have titanium case backs to further reduce the risk of over time buiding up a sensitivity to allergens.

On our website, under each watch.

Two years on watches against genuine manufacturing defects. Not included are scratches and damages resulting from misuse or accidents. Straps carry a one year guarantee, again against manufacturing defects.