At GUL we have a great deal of experience of supplying our watches also with various customer logotypes. We have made special watches for sports clubs, national and international corporations etc. The base is always a regular GUL watch, with its GUL logotype. This has the added benefit of giving the watch a market value.
The watches are used by sports clubs as for sale items to supporters and as gifts to deserving club members. Other customers are looking for giwe-aways or bonuses to employees or customers. One GUL specialty is versions of our Vector model which has been designed to withstand everything that an active craftsman can throw at it.
There is a wide range of alternatives as far as company logotype placement is concerned; dial, case back, case side, crown, bracelet buckle etc. Please see some saples here of logo watches GUL has supplied.
Prices vary depending on style of watch, quantity and complication of the etching/printing/stamping. GUL is uniquely flexible with what we can offer, and we also accept small orders.
Please contact us for further information.