Micro 28mm

The GUL Mirco 28mm watch the ‘world’s strongest children’s watch´.  Worn and loved by boys and girls all over the world, this range of watches will take on the meanest of wizards, pirates and bandits on land or underwater. It’s kind on the skin and boasts all the toughness that our Micro watches feature.

Strong, fun and adventurous

The 28mm Micro model has the added benefit of having titanium case back to minimize the risk for allergic reactions.

For the thinner wrist

Kids and women have a smaller, thinner wrists. For this, we created a collection of desirable watches. Kids are great test models when it comes to testing the ‘knocks and bumps’ of this collection. Their days are packed full of fun and wonderful adventures. Their minds take our watches into galaxies unknown and still come back in time for tea. Without problems with water leakage or scratched glass.
Women love these hard wearing watches as the straps are interchangeable. Accessorising with the latest fashion trends is quick and easy. Change the strap as much as you change your outfit.

As Cyndi Lauper once sang, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!


Waterproof 10 atm, you can swim and snorkel with your GUL Micro watch.

Case back

Titanium case back

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